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Member Universities

The Nordic Centre network consists of Fudan University, 26 Nordic universities from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, and NIAS (the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies) as an associate member.

Below is a list of all the member institutions as well as name and e-mail address to the Nordic Centre contact person at each institution.

Yefang Xu, Foreign Affair Office

Olav Jull Soerensen, Department of Business Studies
Poul Duedahl, Department of Culture & Global Studies
Verner Worm, Department of International Economics & Management
Thorsten Borring Olesen, Institute of History and Area Studies
Ulla Gjørling, International Director
Marianne Stig, International Office
Trine Sand, Director, International Office
Bjarne G. Sørensen, Vice Rector
Flemming G. Andersen, Chief International Adviser
Matti Nojonen, Professor of Practice
Mervi Rantanen, Manager, International Relations
Annika Vatanen, Director HANKEN MBA
Janne Hokkanen, International Services 
Anitta Etula, Director, International Relations
Anja Lahtinen, Director, Confucius Institute         
Krista Varantola, Chancellor
Kalle-Antti Suominen, Vice Rector 
Kirsi Korpela, International Liaison Officer
Fridrika Hardardóttir, Director, International Office

John A. Andersen, Director, International Relations
Sissel Th. Hammerstrøm, Head of BI Liason Office, Shanghai
Thomas S. Jakobsen, Executive Officer, International Relations
Bjørn Erik Andersen, Senior Adviser,Department of Research Management                   
Gøril Mellem, International Education Office
Hans Abelius, Head of International Centre
Monika Berge, International Office
Sofi Shen, Programme Officer, External Relations Office
Yingfang He, Research Office 
Ronald T. Nordqvist, International Office
Per Nilsson, International Office
Ulrica Ouline, International Office
Anna Andersson, Coordinator, International Relations, Institute of Technology       
Associate Members

Geir Helgesen, Director