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Educational Programmes of the Nordic Centre

Higher education is, in addition to research, the main task of the Nordic Centre. Our aim is to support higher education cooperation between the member universities of the NC and universities in China in all possible ways. This means that courses and course programmes varying from individual lectures to full semester programmes and from undergraduate to doctoral level are all welcome at the Nordic Centre.

While the Nordic Centre organises some courses on its own initiative, most of the educational activities belong to the Nordic member universities and Fudan University. We can help to organise courses and lectures on different topics, usually by relying on the Shanghai-based experts, visiting Nordic scholars, and Nordic Centre research fellows as the lecturers.

The courses organised annually by the NC itself are as follows:

  • Introduction to Modern China (summer school for Nordic undergraduates)
  • Doing Business in China (summer school for Nordic postgraduates)
  • Nordic Studies (semester course for Fudan undergraduates)
  • Swedish Language (semester course for Fudan undergraduates)

Some of our member universities have been organising courses at the Nordic Centre on a regular basis, and these courses have become an integral part of the NC academic year. While most of the member university courses are related to Chinese business and economics, other topics are covered as well.


The Nordic Centre can offer courses and lectures to other partners than just its member universities. In the past, the centre has, for example, trained private businesses in Chinese culture, society, and business environment.

In all educational activities we aim for greater understanding of academic and cultural traditions of both China and the Nordic countries.