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Activities at the Nordic Centre

In addition to our main focus on the Sino-Nordic collaboration in academic research and higher education, the Nordic Centre also establishes itself as an inviting platform for all-round communication among Nordic and Chinese communities and individuals. By initiating and (co)organising various cultural activities, a dynamic and vivid environment is constructed in which our member universities as well as other Nordic and Chinese partners  can communicate more directly and effectively to their target group. Meanwhile, this also offers them a great opportunity to collect information and feedbacks.

In general the activities at the NC can be roughly divided into two categories: the Nordic Cultural Activities and the Member University Promotion. The former consists of a lot of activities characterized by their diversity and cultural features. They are intended to promote the national images of the Nordic Countries in general and involve the public at large.

Meanwhile, the Memeber University Promotion has a clear goal of information exchanging. Every year our member universities come to the main campus (sometimes the branch campuses are covered as well) of Fudan University and launch a series of information meetings as well as alumni events with the support of the Nordic Centre. This gives the Fudan students, together with students from other parts of China, a  great opportunity to interact directly with the faculty members from their favorite Nordic universities and organizations. They can have their questions answered right away by the university staff who are in charge of students enrollment and provide important information and feedbacks for their future planning as well. Usually these meetings are enriched by informative brochures and videos of the universities, sometime entertaining performances that yield a cultural outlook of the Nordic countries are also provided as delightful incentive.