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Nordic Society

Nordic Society is one of the largest international exchange societies in Fudan University. It was founded in the summer of 2009 with the purpose of providing both Chinese students and Nordic students a platform of communication and understanding on various aspects, such as culture, education and lifestyle. Nordic Society also offers students opportunities and information about Nordic universities, Nordic companies and organizations.

The Nordic Centre is a proud partner and supporter of the Nordic Society. The past few years in the life the Nordic Centre have witnessed a feast of different activities that the society has either organized on their own or in collaboration with others. The coming year looks to become equally interesting with a newly elected President and a core group of very motivated students who are committed to raise the activity level to even high grounds.
The Nordic Society plans to arrange colorful activities as follows annually:
Welcome Party
Welcome Party is one of the first regular activity of Nordic Society to embrace the new members. Welcome Party is usually arranged at Nordic students house or places with Nordic customs. We offer special Nordic drinks and snacks such as Danish waffles and Swedish desserts, and interesting games are also organized for new members to assimilate into our society. Another important thing is that the party is also a great opportunity for Nordic exchange students to get a near sight of their Chinese buddies, find language partners and make friends.(once per semester)
Buddy Program
Buddy program is aimed at promoting the communication and recognition between Chinese students and students from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Through the platform of Buddy Program, as our members teach Nordic exchange students about learning Chinese, tongue twisters, Tang & Song poems, pop songs; making snacks and dumplings together, we also open a window to know the real life and culture of Nordic countries from buddies from different backgrounds for Fudan students. We hope that it could also be helpful to practice various languages and exchange new ideas, enhance the friendship between students and relationship between countries.(once to two times/month)
Art Exhibition and Speech
Nordic stories, music, paintings and movies, art feast and culture fusion
Experiencing old Chinese towns and beautiful landscapes along with Nordic students
Nordic Culture Week
A series of activities combined with cultural figures, traditional festivals and Nordic favors are implemented in Nordic holidays annually. We help Fudan students to feel the breath from Scandinavia.