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The Nordic Centre utilizes multiple channels to promote our member universities at Fudan University and in Shanghai.

Firstly, there are notice boards and bookshelves that present member universities’ brochures and booklets at the Nordic Centre Building. Students are welcome to fetch publications that interest them.

(The notice boards and bookshelves are located at the second floor of Nordic Centre Building.)


Secondly, Education Day is held at Nordic Centre each year. During this half-day event, representatives from our member universities meet Chinese students and parents, and answer their various questions regarding admission, employment, life in Nordic countries, so on and so forth. The 2013 Education Day will be held in October at the Nordic Centre. 

(Education Day on May 26, 2012)


Thirdly, the Nordic Centre also helps spread member universities’ course announcement and other activities through its website, social media and Fudan University’s channels.