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How to organize research events at the Nordic Centre

We invite our member universities to contact us to discuss the possibilities of utilizing the NC´s facilities, research networks, and logistic support.
If a member university plans on organizing a research seminar, a workshop, or conference at the Nordic Centre, there is also the possibility of applying for funding from the Nordic Centre Council.
Organizers of seminars and workshops can apply the Council for funding up to EUR 3,000. Organizers of conferences can apply the Council for funding up to EUR 5,000. The difference between these types of events is that the latter includes an open call for papers, whereas the two former do not. 
Priority will be given to applications that include the participation of at least two Nordic member universities, preferably from different Nordic countries, and one or more Chinese partners. Events where Fudan University is among the Chinese partners will be prioritized.
If a Nordic Centre member university wishes to apply for funding for an activity, where only one Nordic member university is involved, Fudan University must be the Chinese partner. In order for this type of event to be eligible for funding, the applicant must state very clearly the reasons for not involving other Nordic universities. The applicant should be aware that events including more Nordic universities will be given priority in the evaluation process.
The deadlines for applying for activity funding are 10th of March and 10th of September. The applicant will be notified immediately after the first coming Council meeting.
To organize an activity or apply for funding please fill in the application form and send it to the Nordic Centre programme manager Natalie Wheeler at [email protected]