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Nordic Studies

The course Nordic Studies aims to familiarize students with the political, economic, legal, and social systems of the Nordic countries. Lecturers for the course come from different disciplines and provide students with varying perspectives to analyze Nordic societies and cultures.

This course is organized by one of the Nordic Centre’s member universities with contributions from two other member universities every year. It is taught on undergraduate level as a part of Fudan University’s liberal arts education and has run in its current format for one semester each autumn since 2011.

For the 2014 fall semester, University of Gothenburg has taken over the organizing responsibility in close collaboration with University of Turku, Finland, and Aarhus University, Denmark. 

The course is announced in the spring before the semester ends and information will be made available through the normal course announcement channels at Fudan. It is only Fudan students who can participate. Expected number of participants: 30-40 (preferably third or fourth year undergraduate students). Since the course is taught in English, students are required to have a good command of both oral and written English.
The course awards two credits to registered students. From September to early December, there are 12 weeks of teaching (36 hours), two sessions each week.
Exam and Grading:
It is the organizing university that decides the examination form for the course. The examination can either be in the form of a an essay to be handed in after the course, or a sit-in exam. Students will be informed about the specific examination form by the start of the semester. Attendance and active participation also constitute part of the final grade.
You can download 2014 autumn semester's programme and literature list here