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Member University Courses

Hankan School of Economics
Usually in April, the Nordic Centre organizes a one-week programme consisting of lectures by Chinese professors and businesspeople, together with company visits for MBA students from Hankan School of Economics during their study trip in China. Dr. Annika Vatanen is in charge of the trip.

Lund University

Since 2008, the School of Economics and Management at Lund University has been cooperating with the Nordic Centre to present a one-week course programme for students from the program “Master in International Economics with a Focus on China” during their study trip in China in April. Professor Sonja Opper is in charge of the study trip.

Each year, lecture topics are tailored to suit coming students’ research interests. More and more lecturers are businesspeople who have first-hand experiences to share with students. The Nordic Centre also arranges visits to Chinese and foreign, especially Swedish, companies for the students.   

After the course, many of the students stay in Shanghai or visit other parts of China to collect data for their master’s thesis.

University of Gothenburg

In June 2012, the Nordic Centre organized a one-week course programme in Chinese economics for exchange students from the School of Economics, Business and Law, University of Gothenburg for the first time. Prior to this one-week course, those students had attended intensive Chinese language course at Fudan. Therefore, this one-week course enriched their study in China before they returned to Sweden.

In 2013, the Nordic Centre will organize a similar programme for this year’s Gothenburg exchange students again. Hopefully, this course will become a tradition as well.