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Structure of the NC



Nordic Centre at Fudan University

Professor Chen Yinzhang (former Director of the Fudan University Foreign Affairs Office), Special Advisor to the President of Fudan University in International Affairs has been the Executive Director of the Centre since its opening in 1995.

The Centre has a Nordic Programme Manager who is in charge of the daily operations at the Centre and facilitates the contact with the Nordic member universities. The current Programme Manager is Ms. Natalie Wheeler from Denmark. The daily activities of the programme manager consist of managing a diversified Sino-Nordic research and education platform in collaboration with Fudan´s Foreign Affairs Office. In addition, the programme manager maintains and develops links between the Nordic Centre and the Nordic community in Shanghai.

The primary tasks of the programme manager are to:

  • coordinate, advice, and initiate cooperation between the Nordic member universities and Chinese universities
  • promote and support research and education projects
  • develop and organize various activities at the Nordic Centre, such as conferences and seminars as well as both short- and long-term education programmes
  • support guest researchers and students from member universities
  • act as a link to the Nordic community in the Shanghai region
  • manage and develop the Nordic Centre office and library
  • handle the daily finances of the Nordic Centre
  • handle the budeting and accounting in cooperation with the Nordic Centre Secretariat at Aalborg University

30 part-time research fellows from various departments of Fudan University regularly advise the Executive Director and the Programme Manager, and also play an active role in the functions of the Nordic Centre.


The Nordic Centre has a board which is comprised of one representative from each of the five Nordic countries as well as Professor Feng Xiaoyuan (Vice-President, Fudan University) and Professor Chen Yinzhang. The board provides direction on the nature of joint activities and the major financial and organizational issues for the council.


The council is the highest decision-making body of the Nordic Centre. The council meets twice annually and includes one representative from each of the Nordic Centre member institutions. The current Chairman of the board is  Professor Inger Askehave, Pro-Rector at Aalborg University, Denmark.

The Nordic Centre Secretariat
The Nordic Centre Secretariat is based at one of the member universities in the Nordic countries, and currently hosted at Aalborg University Denmark. 

Head of Secretariat: Louise Bredgaard, Special Consultant at the Management Secretariat, Aalborg University

Secretary: Mette Grønbæk Olesen, Senior Secretary at the Management Secretariat, Aalborg University.


The responsibilities of the Nordic Centre Secretariat are various, including membership administration, preparation for board- and council meetings, as well as handling the Nordic Centre´s finances.
In the past, the Nordic Centre Secretariat has been managed by:
  • Norwegian School of Management (1995 – 2001)
  • Lund University (2001 – 2006)
  • Tampere University (2006 – 2011)


The Nordic Centre Board, 2013

Chairman of the Board:
Professor Inger Askehave, Aalborg University
Representing Fudan University:
Professor Feng Xiaoyuan
Professor Chen Yinzhang
Representing Danish universities:
Ms. Ulla Bo Gjørling, University of Aarhus
Representing Finnish universities:
Professor Jukka Mönkkönen, University of Eastern Finland
Representing Norwegian universities:
Professor Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen
Representing Swedish universities:
Mr. Kay Svensson, Uppsala University
Representing University of Iceland:
Professor Haflidi P. Gíslason, University of Iceland
Programme Manager of the Nordic Centre:
Ms. Natalie Wheeler